United Arab Emirates Visa (Dubai Visa)


Let Sass help you out with your United Arab Emirates visa application.

Sass would:

  • Fill out the application form professionally covering often ignored areas that usually lead to visa rejections.
  • Inform you of any additional documents that would improve your visa chances.
  • Submit all relevant documents on your behalf except, those which require your physical presence.
  • Follow up on your visa application and provide you with timely updates.

Kindly take note of the required documents for a UAE visa application

  1. Passport data page.
  2. Passport Photograph with white background.
  3. Proof of health insurance.
  4. Proof of financial status (a copy of your recent bank statement showing that you have sufficient funds to stay in Dubai).
  5. A copy of a confirmed itinerary (Please note: Visitors without a return ticket might be refused entry at the airport).
  6. Proof of hotel reservation.


  1. You do not need all these documents to commence an application with Sass. Sass would provide all the assistance within its means to help you obtain all the required documents to put you in a good position to obtain a visa.
  2. If you need any assistance you can mail us: info@sassvisaagency.com or call us or reach us on WhatsApp through +2349080448421
  3. Documents and visa application requirements are subject to change. Sass would endeavour to notify you of such changes and advise accordingly as soon as we become aware of its occurrence.
  4. The granting or refusal of a visa is at the sole decision of the embassy/consulate
  5. Any additional documents can be mailed to info@sassvisaagency.com

Let us handle your Application Process

When connected with us, you aren’t processing your application alone. We have your back and put in our best to contribute to the growth of your application. So, if you are looking for the right agency that’ll help further your application, we are right here!