Terms And Conditions

This is a detailed outline of the steps required to obtain a UK Work Permit under the NHS scheme.

The steps are as follows:

  • Pay a Consultation fee of #30,000. This will help us understand your situation and know how best we can be of help to you.
  • Make a part-payment of £250 to commence the application process. After the initial payment, SASS will review, amend, and verify (where necessary) your curriculum vitae. Applications will be submitted on your behalf to jobs under the NHS. Therefore, you will undergo a mandatory training in accordance to the accepting agency policy.
  • Pay the balance of £250 after an interview date has been secured. The responsibility of passing the interview solely rests on the Client.
  • After securing a job, the client shall pay the sum of:
    a. NGN 90,000 to cover the cost of visa processing.
    b. A fully refundable sum known under the terms of the Healthcare Agency as an Exit Fee. Should you decide to leave before the expiry of your work permit or break your contract with your employer, you shall forfeit this fee. However, upon the completion of your contract, usually, within two to five years this fee shall be refunded to you. The Exit Fee or Exit Clause protects the employer from any loss resulting from a breach by the employee.
  • After a successful interview, the client shall receive a letter of confirmation of employment, a certificate of sponsorship from the organization, and all other documentation necessary to assist you to secure a visa.

Note that there will be no refund from SASS after payments are made.